By David Burton

W.D.Gann Trader

W.D.Gann Trader is the only program in the world that only uses the pure methods of W.D.Gann. I have developed this for the public as well as for my own personal use. I have taught myself the methods of W.D.Gann ,which includes ancient geometry, astronomy, astro- meteorology, numerology which applies to markets and horse racing. There won’t be any indicators in the program, you don’t need them, as Gann never use them. If you use indications or have to add things to the methods of Gann, then you don’t understand his methods.

There will be over time about four stages and more and more will be added.

Most will not have to go pass the Bronze subscription as that will cover all the basic of Gann methods, which are:

  1. Time bars of different time periods;
  2. Geometric angles (Gann angles);
  3. Retracement’s;
  4. Time cycles;
  5. Time counts from way back in history even if you don’t have the data;
  6. 12 x 12 orange charting software/paper.

This program only uses third party data of CSI, a data company I have used for more than 30 years, look at market data link.

The program is designed to be the most accurate and as cheap as possible so anyone can study Gann with out being charged over expensive prices from people just trying to make money from the public. The cost of stage one will be only $180 a year plus your data subscription.

You should also have all of W.D.Ganns books and read them many times.