Bronze subscription

W.D.Gann Trader is the first software program in the world to incorporate W.D. Gann’s true charting methods.

The software includes only those techniques used by Gann. There are no other indicators or systems which only serve to confuse you and make Gann's original method’s difficult to learn. The Bronze Subscription was developed to cover all the basics you need to study true Gann, in fact you don’t even need to go past this level to study and trade. In the event you want to seek a greater understanding and deeper knowledge of Ganns methods, you should consider higher level subscriptions. These will become available over the coming months.

The subscription cost of US $180 a year covers the following features within the software:
  1. Time Bars
  2. Time Cycles
  3. Calendars - dates back 1000 years in history to show Time Cycles on current charts
  4. Geometric angles
  5. Retracements
  6. Gann Stop Loss and Gann Pattern Bars to be included in the near future

Each of these features replicate exactly the charting methods used by Gann.

Silver subscription coming soon

End of 2018

The software will read only CSI data. I have been using this data since the 1980s, and have found through experience that it is the most accurate data available. In addition, CSI will provide long term historical data available only to subscriber’s of W.D.Gann Trader.

For CSI data push market data Purchase subscriptions
Price: $180